Research Project GAČR 209/10/P190

Non-equatorial Orbits Near Compact Objects

Near compact objects, such as black holes or neutron stars, motion of particles is governed by strong gravitational field. Electrically charged particles can feel also electromagnetic force arising due to currents inside the star, plasma circling around, and several other effects.

The project is focused on the study of charged particles motion along and in the vicintiy of off-equatorial circular orbits, i.e., the so-called halo orbits, in different astrophysically important situations related to electromagnetic fields near the compact objects. This represents a generalization of classical analysis related to the motion of charged dust grains or ions and electrons in planetary gravitational fields and magnetospheres. Present evaluations suggest the halo orbits existence in the case when a compact object is endowed with a dipole-type magnetic field. This result is in accordance with the result related to planets, where the halo orbits have been theoretically predicted and experimentally confirmed.

Within the implementation of the project, properties of the charged particle motion described above near neutron stars and black holes are investigated in connection with their interpretation as an equatorial accretion discs corona.