The Relativistic Astrophysics Group (RAG)

The Relativistic Astrophysics Group (RAG) is a working group of staff members and students at the Institute of Physics that are scientifically active in the field of relativistic physics and astrophysics.

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Research activities of RAG are as follows:

  • Test particles and fields in black-hole backgrounds
  • Accretion processes in the field of black holes and neutron stars and their observational manifestation
  • Optical effects related to black holes and neutron stars
  • Structure of neutron and quark stars (equation of state, rotation)
  • Cooling of neutron (quark) stars
  • Oscillations of neutron (quark) stars
  • Influence of a non-zero cosmological constant on the black-hole backgrounds
  • Inflationary cosmology
  • Cosmological models with decaying vacuum energy
  • Einstein-Strauss model of mass condensations in presence of a repulsive cosmological constant
  • Anisotropies of relict background and the Rees-Sciama effect

The group co-organizes the annual RAGtime workshops.