Research Project MSM 4781305903

The project covers research in the field of relativistic and particle physics and its applications in astrophysics concerning three regions of problems that currently seem to be topical and widely discussed in the context of international research while being specific and unique in the context of research in the Czech Republic. The three areas of problems are the following:

  • relevance of vacuum energy or quintessence in astrophysics and cosmology
  • structure and properties of neutron and quark stars
  • oscillation models of accretion discs.

The solution of all the three regions of problems in a natural way combines general relativity and the quantum field theory. In the project we attempt to develop theoretical models by using both analytical and numerical approaches, express their link to observations, and make comparisons with the available observational data. This includes evaluations of sophisticated computational simulations of the astrophysical phenomena which requires highly advanced scientific computational methods, parallel computing, and visualization of the results by effective graphical methods. Therefore we collaborate with the experts of Department of Informatics and Department of Physics in the fourth area of problems concerned on:

  • advanced scientific computing and visualization.





Project website:

Relativistic and particle physics and its applications in astrophysics


Research project MSM 4781305903