Research Project GAČR 14-07753P

Relativistic kinetic theory and its applications to astrophysical plasmas

Astrophysical plasmas arising in disc-jet systems associated with compact objects (black holes and neutron stars) are subject to intense gravitational and electromagnetic fields. The proper description of the dynamics of such plasmas requires a statistical treatment based on kinetic theory. Purpose of the project is to construct in the framework of Special and General Relativity a kinetic theory of quasi-stationary collisionless plasmas with the inclusion of electromagnetic radiation emission processes. This study will represent a generalization of novel theories recently established in the field of plasma physics, which concern the Vlasov-Maxwell description of non-relativistic axisymmetric plasmas and the Hamiltonian formulation of electromagnetic radiation-reaction phenomena. Theoretical results will include the covariant formulation of kinetic equilibria for relativistic magnetized plasmas and the development of analytical methods for their treatment in different regimes according to the background metric tensor and the magnetic field configuration.