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Bobomurat Ahmedov

4. ledna 2018

Učebna 404


Special Relativity, Space-time and operations on vectors and tensors, Four-velocity and Particle motion, Invariants of EM Field, First pair of the Maxwell-Lorentz equations, Action for the EM Field and second pair of the Maxwell-Lorentz equations, Multipolar Moments and Electromagnetic Radiation, Averaging out of the Maxwell-Lorentz equations, Boundary conditions, Electrostatics and Magnetostatics, Quasistationary EM fields in media, EM waves, 3+1 decomposition of the space time, Lie derivatives, Killing vectors and conserved quantities, Maxwell equations in the curved spacetime, Vacuum Electrodynamics of Neutron Stars, Plasma magnetosphere of Neutron Stars, Black Hole Electrodynamics, Blandford Znajek process.

Classical electrodynamics and Relativity – 3