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8. března 2018

Seminární místnost ÚF (SMUF)


Abstract: We find and study new neutral and charged planar solutions with axions fields in the context of a conformally coupled gravitational theory. These solutions describe AdS black branes supported by axion fields that break translational invariance at the boundary. The conformally coupled scalar field is regular inside and outside the event horizon and there is no need of any self-interaction, obtaining in this way solutions without fine-tuned parameters. We locally provide angular momentum to the solutions by performing an improper gauge transformation. We analyzed in detail the thermodynamics of our solutions considering the axion charges. Finally we provide explicit computations for the DC conductivity and the Hall angle with momentum dissipation for the dual theory showing that even in the limit when the momentum dissipation goes to zero, they remain finite.

A. Cisterna: Axionic black branes with conformal coupling